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  2008.02.13  18.53
the rain in spain falls mainly on the plain

HOLA estoy en espana... fuck no tilde...

me gusta mucho!

voy a londres desde el sabado hasta el miercoles.

voy a visitar a mi "novio" de australia. hahahahah

me encanta este pais.

Mood: excited

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  2007.05.03  13.09

nick and i were smashing at my formal on tues.

check facebook if you must. but my dress was by far the sexiest. all my gals were like.. damn where did you get it? or "only you could pull it off"

i also got AEPHI bookworm.

but it'll hold true. this is my break from exam untill studying from 3pm-2am. getting up at 7 then studying 7-10.

yes. im insane. but. bio is gay.

summer... looking FABULOUS.

nick is taking me to the beach! xxxooo

well im off to the gym to work on my fitttttnesssss


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  2007.02.15  20.27

i do too much sit ups. too much running + sit ups= ab muscles. and i dont like them.

the goal was flat. and now its musclesssssssss ew.

but intro to linguistics is amazing!


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  2007.02.01  16.51

i love my nicko!

i hate bio, calc and hist. of psych.



im excited.


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  2007.01.25  02.07

when i say "te amo"

its cause i dont think i can say "i love you"

cause of nights like this.

im jealous of those couples that are so into each other. it seems like theres a barrier, of internal b/s, fear, worries.. on both sides... separating us.

oh well.

i give up.

at least i have yogurt in my fridge. that makes me happy.


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  2007.01.05  13.21
a fab start to 07

sooooooo i saw an advisor today! they are mad stupid ppl. i think the guy was high... or did too much coke growing up... who knows.

N.E. ways>>>>> i'm mad excited b/c i discovered from my meeting with this baca (idiot in japanese) that after spring semester.. i only need 3 more psych courses, my race course requirement, 4 spanish courses, a year of physics, finish off orgo... AN IM DONE! i can graduate in four years with a major in psychology, a minor in coginitive neuroscience, certificate of specialization in spanish and all the pre med track requirements completed! OLAY!

happy happy joy joy. :-D

omfg tho, grad apps, med school apps and mcats next year...

oh i cant waiiiiiiiiit


and then not to mention how everything is going great with AEPhi, nick and home life isnt too bad lately either! huzzah!

ne ways im going to go chase my cat, chill and then up to philly for a parrrrrtay!


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  2007.01.03  21.29

this year rocks so far!



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  2006.12.13  22.22
orgo is over, finals are over, IM DONE!

like it says above: IM DONE!


orgo test was today.

2 hrs. 5 problems worth 200 pts. yeah 200. and then 25 multiple choice worth 200

TOTAL: 400 pts.

i was surprised. i was expecting 8 free response for a total of 400pts.


i dont feel releived. i need january to come and my grades to get here. *stress stress stress*

going to applebees! i love my roomie, sad that im moving out, but they DO need me to move into the house at AEPhi, and like i told curtis, i love change. im going to visit ALOT though.



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  2006.12.11  16.44

so bio went well


neurobio all day today


so which protein kinase is most affected by fear conditioning EH EH EH!


i need to go xmas shopping.


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  2006.12.10  21.06

so i figured that staying over nicks last night would be fun, and it was, especially since we had to be in west chester at 930 am for bruch

little did i take into account...



so i slept most of the day


fuck fuck fuck fuck anticonvulsants


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  2006.12.03  16.11
youre my satelite

fun time had friday night, and last night

i came home from AKL (second night in a row) last night only to play guitar hero across the hall with curtis for a good hour. that kid is awesome! :-D

parents brunch today, im bringing the hermana!

mommy's bday monday, um. shes going to be...? ha oh well.

i landed a sweet job for the summer and i dont have to apply i just sent my resume to the woman in charge and im IN. cause hey.. i rock. and oh yeah.. ppl love me! :-D

im just jealouse of how nick got the habitat for humanity trip for texas without applying too tho. blah. stupid boy. now hopefully i can get the nscs spring break trip. that would ROCK! and i could oh yeah.. rub it in his face. stupid nick. haha.

i hate bio. today will suck. homework wise.


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  2006.11.14  20.09
twisted... sigh.

i wanted to take a nap last night.

so i did.. but i had a horrible night mare

and so i slept all night

i didnt do my paper.


i should be doing it now

and i was due like 20 min ago.


but it was the most sick, disturbing screwed up nightmare i've ever had and omg i cant get it out of my head... and i cant write my paper!....

omg just thinking about it im about to throw up... crap.


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  2006.11.10  18.38

we leave at three!




psu here i come eh!

miss my aephi girls!


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  2006.11.07  17.07


dont go there if you dont like nudity. or silly french candians. LOL


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  2006.10.30  15.44

i hate drama

hate hate hate

i love my friends but AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i need a vacation

and now... my apartment complex might get... CONDEMNED!?!


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  2006.10.08  03.26

High School 2004

Body: Fill this out about your SENIOR year of high school! The longer ago it was, the more fun the answers will be. Change the subject to the year you graduated.

1. Who was your true best friend? Julia, Eric

2. What sports did you play? Well, volleyball not in senior year tho, does colorguard count?

3. What kind of car did you drive? 2002 Honda Civic. my baby...

4. It's Friday night, where were you at? Football game, out with the girls or out with Eric

5. Were you a party animal? Nah

6. Were you considered a flirt? I think so

7. Skip School? Either 45 or 54 days.

8. Were you a nerd? Haha yeah i guess so...

9. Were you in any clubs? Band, didnt do chorus senior year, etc

10. wtf wheres the question...

11. Can you sing the fight song? nope.

12. Who was your favorite teacher? Zim

13. Favorite class? AP Psych

14. What was your school's full name? Conestoga High School

15. School mascot? Pioneers

16. Did you go to dances? Homecoming and Prom

17. If you could go back and do it over, would you? Um, maybe, probably no.

18. What do you remember most about graduation? It was too long, and wondering who the random pll i'd never seen before were.

19. How was the after graduation party? You know, i dont remember what i did.

20. Were you ever posted up on the senior wall? A what?

21. Did you have a job your senior year? Yeah, i think so...

22. Where did you go most often for lunch? Erics house. or mine.

23. Have you gained weight since then? Lost like a couple lbs. haha.

24. What did you do after graduation? hmm repeat? well i dont remember..

25. ?????

26. Where are most of your classmates? in college...

27. Don't you hate it when surveys skip numbers? Yes

28. Who was your worst teacher? Mrs. K or that chick who taught tech writing.

29. Who was your senior year crush? i guess eric.

30. Who will repost this after you? ????


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  2006.10.06  16.16

when i speak english does it come out as french.. or spanish? 

when i say, "please get away from me" 

i hope to god the person that i direct that comment to takes it to heart and FUCKS OFF. 

this is such a bad afternoon, i can't wait for tonight. but im afraid to go to my apartment.....   



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  2006.10.02  10.09

i hate boys,

i hate my major,

and i especially hate boys.

oh and i hate alcohol.


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  2006.09.29  03.17

its 3:20 am, i got in at 2: 30, i have no voice and this week has been so much fun and so busy!

can't wait till saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

should i call tonight a date? 

i found my tatoo sketch book, 

i didnt go to chem lab today. ugh. 

my throat hurts. :-(


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  2006.09.28  09.37
i want tea from richies...

yay, i feel like shannon, 

i have a black eye due to the fact that i had to attempt a mother fucking 45 toss and catch it facing backwards, right after an allnighter- 1 hr long chem test and yeah... my eyes weren't working. blah. 

so now its going to be fun at the third party tonight. at least i'll be a convo starter, but then movie! yay!

im tired. im skipping lab. ugh. why why why. so dumb of me. but all i did yesterday was sleep. sleep more and not do work cause i was sleeping for the sleep that didnt get slept over the past weeks. 

FUCK i hate when i shut down. 

test week of hell almost over... almost.

Mood: tired

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  2006.09.26  00.42

since the start of the year i've seem'd to drift apart from certain friends i thought were close to me.

doesnt really matter as i've made a whole lot of new awesome friends, and the two faced nature of ppl becomes more clear.

and i'm hopefully doing something thats taken far too long for me to get done. lol. 

this year should be fucking sweet.


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  2006.09.22  11.55
bouncing round the room again...

to kinda go along with erins post:  one more month of being a teenager!  haha wierrrrrrrd

OKTOBERFEST THIS WEEK!  mmm framboise beer.

nothing of great valor to report to lj.

i've gotten a good amount of drunk ims/ texts and phone calls in the past nights. and its made my nights. lol


and orgo.. blows. but its understandable. bio... is a PAIN. volleyball ROCKS and the psych classes im taking are boring. and i just realized that the psych class im in is COUNTING FOR NOTHING. FUCK FUCK FUCK. well except my major and graduating. but in terms of neuroscience minor. FUCKKKKKK MEEEEEEE  yay 5 yr program at temple. its like.. inevitable. and then what.. 7 yrs of school untill im a fully practicing neurologist.



12 yrs eh?

so so worth it though. and then i can have a cute suburbian house with a dog and two cats. ^_^  and a lake house somewhere to chill at. so chillllllllllll

Mood: and sweaty

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  2006.09.12  20.31

i was just hit on by richie jr.


haha yes! that means discounted food!


i rock at life.


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  2006.09.02  16.50
week one

first week of classes over. so i like my orgo teacher. hes this cute little old aussie man. but spills out ALOT of info i need a lot of coffee from here on out. 

i dislike my bio lecture teacher and psych sci meth teacher. they are both boring. blah. 

i like my neurobiology teacher. but the molester is in my class with me and had the NERVE to sit down next to me the first day of class. i cold shouldered him for a good 50 min so that next class section he knew to sit across the fucking room. next thing you kno he'll provoke me and i'll stab a pencil through his eye socket. hes an asshole. a s s h o l e. 

great blake quote: "im lakatos intolerant" HAHAHAHAHAHA. 

any ways. 

volleyball is a fun class we finally go to pepper on friday. that was fun. and my partner used to play too! so we were AWESOME! yay! 

as for anything else, i want a george forman grille. and i hate my hair. its too dry. blah. blah blah. 

ow. computer starting to hurt eyes. 



Mood: bored

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  2006.08.28  19.43

so i wont have internet for a bit. boo. 

it'll be the tech center for me... gag. 

if any one wants to chat it up:  610 952 0972

NO TEXT MESSAGES! my dad is on my ass about those!



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